I have an online vision

I have a vision of an online community … a place where people can meet virtually, in a 3D environment, with freedom of movement and space in which to move around.
I want to build this place, host it on my servers, and allow those wishing a similar experience to come into my world and explore. They could chat, enjoy games, strike up new friendships, or otherwise enjoy the beauty and splendour of my world.
So what if it uses the Unreal engine? So what if we have to carry weapons around? Cyberspace is a pretty dangerous place, as we’re all aware. The Unreal Tournament game has proven itself to be fast, versatile, and capable of hosting dozens of players in huge environments. What’s better is that the levels are a cinch to compile, so creating and maintaining my world would be relatively simple compared to other 1st-person environments. And it has a rudimentary chat engine build right in.
Think of it as ICQ or MSN with guns… more dangerous, but way more interesting.