Blow whistle on our jujitsu president

In jujitsu, the trick is to move quickly to leverage your opponent’s strength to your advantage. In this way a lightweight can attack a person of substance and flip him.
We’re watching the biggest jujitsu flip ever seen in American politics. President Bush, a slacker, a draft evader, a failure in business, a man so devoid of world curiosity that he rarely left America’s shores (even checked “no overseas service” on his Air National Guard application) and a president who has misled the American people about everything from the invasion of Iraq to the cost of Medicare, has managed to flip John Kerry onto his back by turning Kerry’s strengths — his valor in Vietnam, his intellect, his expanded worldview and, yes, his nuanced thinking — against him. In jujitsu that’s how it’s meant to be. In politics it’s cynical and destructive — and shamefully effective.
Susan Lenfestey: Blow whistle on our jujitsu president