Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’ ties knot in smoky ceremony

‘Prince of Pot’. When I knew him, he just ran a bookstore in London, and kept complaining about our “fascist” country.
Canada’s â..Prince of Potâ.. ties the knot – Americas –
Marc Emery, known as Canada’s Prince of Pot, has married a woman who apparently doesn’t mind the possibility he could spend much of their marriage in court or a U.S. prison.
“I will support him no matter what happens, in any situation,” Jodie Emery, 21, said shortly after Sunday’s smoky wedding in Queen Elizabeth Park. “I’m just so happy right now to be married to him.”
About 100 guests sat in suits and dresses, many passing marijuana cigarettes beneath a white tent. After the ceremony the bride, wearing a long, white strapless dress, lit up what she called a “wedding doobie” which she and Emery smoked together between kisses.