This science is stranger than fiction

Steorn was issuing a challenge to the scientific community to test and publish the findings. It invited scientists to sign up for a 12-member jury, to receive the schematics and test at leisure. Steorn said that it would attempt commercialisation only after this process was complete.
Steorn (a Gaelic word meaning â guide or manageâ.) is a 19-person outfit specialising in fraud! It develops core technologies that address counterfeit crime in areas such as plastic card and optical disc. The company has also provided forensic and expert witness services to British, Irish and international law enforcement agencies.
Is this an attempt to sell the scientific equivalent of the Taj Mahal? Or is it some sort of viral marketing campaign for a new anti-fraud technology? Perhaps weâ..ll know on September 8, when Steorn will close registration and choose its jury.
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