Jack Van Impe compared Pat Robertson to Osama bin Laden

Way to go Jack! Jack may be a bit of a weirdo, like when he said hell was in black holes, but let’s give credit where credit’s due.

VAN IMPE: And right now, the National Association of Evangelicals informs us that this man has done damage, and it could actually take the lives of some of the missionaries in South America because the news media in South America is bombarding this thing across the airwaves around the clock. God forgive him.
Not only that, but Mr. Robertson, you are pro-life, and yet you wanted the members of the Supreme Court to die last year, and now the president of Venezuela. We believe this book: Thou shalt not kill; Exodus 20, verse 13. And my Bible says that this is wrong, and I want to challenge you right now to change your ways. Because we as Christians do not need an Osami [sic] Bin Laden leading us.

Televangelist Jack Van Impe called Robertson “an Osami bin Laden” | Media Matters for America