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Are you a fan of Science Fiction? Like writing about future worlds, advanced technology, and the possibility of alien life? Spend some time with Isaac Arthur, host of a very prolific series of videos on YouTube, where he discusses all aspects of space and future science. His videos are quite in-depth (each video runs around 35-45 minutes), and he spends a lot of time pulling the subject apart and building it up from the basics. These videos are great for the layperson and the scientist alike.

I'm a big fan of world-building, and these videos are a great source of inspiration for me.

In the following video, discusses the concept of Ecumenopolises, cities which span entire planets.

(also, try to ignore his speech impediment)

  Why's a Meter a Meter?

A very interesting video from SciShow. Apparently, the definition of a metre/meter has been updated through the years because science.


Another awesome video from Kurzgesagt. Makes you feel big and significant, doesn't it?


A surprisingly thorough zombie kit. Also Jumex juice.

Zombie Apocalypse Kit Setup v1.0 - YouTube

  Mahnamana ... Star Wars

Yes, well, so what.

  DKR, The Movie

Nice trailer for Dark Knight Returns. Sounds like Peter Weller as Batman. Which is OK, I guess.

Get More: MTV Shows

Looks like it matches up pretty well with this small scene from Batman:TAS. Michael Ironside did the voice better, in my opinion:

Although, he did play Darkseid in Justice League, so maybe he was a little too severe.

... of Justin Bieber. Can a cute young white Christian boy make it in America?


Going to see the new Batman film tonight. Hope it's as good as this.

Batman Theme - Pomplamoose - YouTube

  The Burden of Proof

Tired of losing debates? Maybe you're trying too hard. Another fascinating logic video from QualiaSoup.

The burden of proof - YouTube

  The DIY Big Mac

Done by McDonalds' own chef. Is it just me, or does this look kind of delicious?

"What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?" - YouTube

Quick, go watch this:

OK, now watch part 2:

Now, see what's coming later this year:

Yup, if this is real, and not some fan-made trailer, Bethesda's doing Fallout 4, and it's set in my favourite U.S. town.

Of course, over at the official Fallout page, there's no mention of this. (Sigh)

  Sunny Friday Afternoon

Brighten your day with another cute video from Pomplamoose. Bonus points for the stop-motion animation.

Pomplamoose - Don't Stop Lovin Me - YouTube

  LMFAO vs. Star Wars

So, this is weird...

Oh, but we're not done yet... sort of a mash backatcha.

Every Day I'm Shufflin' ...

Oh, there he is. And he's still dancing.

Honestly, I'm man enough to say I cried a little while watching this.

The original internet phenomenon is below, wherein an average guy named Matt travels the world to dance like an idiot, and in the process brings about world peace.

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 - YouTube

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As played by Ethan Uslan. Give it a little time to get going, and you won't be disappointed.

Fur Elise in Ragtime played by Ethan Uslan - YouTube

Another fantastic Pixar A cool-looking Disney film I'm going to have to see thinking of seeing. And it looks like it was made for us nerds. Yeah, use caution since it's not actually a Pixar film, apparently.

Wreck-It Ralph - Official Trailer #1 : John C. Reilly Intro (2012) [HD] - YouTube

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