ICQ spammers and other weirdoes

Hee hee hee (I try to regain control while wiping away tears of laughter)…
As someone who is constantly plagued by ICQ spammers and weirdoes I have to share this with you… Lowtax from somethingawful.com does these great pranks on ICQ spammers, and I was doubled-over, clutching my kidneys in laughter… The cats think I’ve lost it.
I fully understand the dangers of playing jokes like this, so I am reluctant to do it (for very long). However, when people keep inundating you with requests to be their Mistress, some things need to be done. Mistress, you ask? Long story there, but people are quaint when they’re unsure of your gender on the internet, like that makes a difference.
I’m all for spreading rumours and hoaxes on the internet (my hobby is trying to debunk stupid hoaxes, while my other hobby is starting hoaxes), but I try to stop before someone calls it "mail fraud". That’s where I draw the line. I would never be so "Capital-E" evil to take advantage of some poor sap on the net, and steal their money. Take, for example, the odd case of leukemia-victim, Kaycee Nicole, whose mother lost her job caring for her stricken daughter. Turns out it was just a hoax, and a friend tuned me into the news story.

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