Last episode of Voyager

Geez, last episode of Voyager. What’s going to happen now? How will we get our Star Trek fix? Losers…. Well, no fear, there’s apparently a new show coming out with – get this – Scott Bakula as the captain. Heh heh. There’s going to be some serious temporal prime directive jokes in that series, eh?
Notice the nice picture quality of this shot? Excellent colour… Fuji-tastic.
So my idea of a new Star Trek series is this: Captain Sulu (this is no surprise, since it’s become one of the biggest topics for the trekkies) commanding the Excelsior, with Lucy Lawless as the promiscuous and hot-headed
second-in-command. Seeing as it was the whole end of season thing this week, I figured we could also use Sarah Michelle Gellar as the bright young ensign, and David Duchovny as the nerdy science officer.
AAAAHHHH!! Cat will not sit still– oh, that’s better. Notice my webserver in the background there.

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