Nothing a little Codeine won’t fix

I felt better for a little while today, but after a long day of Tech Support, I’m once again at the mercy of my sore throat. It’s so bad right now that my whole body aches. Nothing a little Codeine won’t fix, I suppose.
Having a hard time concentrating on any one thing right now. Normally I’m like that — you know the feeling where you’ve got to write something down right away, or you’ll completely forget it? That’s what I’m feeling like right now, only more so. Much more. And so he says to me, "Why do you put milk in your scrambled eggs?" and I’m all like, "I dunno, I’ve always done it that way…."
Spent some time at a party tonight — more of a small gathering of loosely-knit friends. Pretty tame, and not at all like the parties of olde. <nostalgia>Why, back in my day, house parties were all about large gatherings of folks you didn’t know, and there was loud music, drugs, sex, and everybody was wasted. We used to go well into the night and the police would stop by at least twice, and there was always this one guy who was throwing-up, and another guy who was out cold, so we’d shave off his eyebrows. Yep, those were the days.</nostalgia>
I do remember parties like that, but I recall they weren’t as cool as I once thought. Much of my experience has been influenced by beer commercials and their unique interpretations of house parties. Also, those crazy teen movies had a hand in shaping the house party mystique. Not everybody has had the experience of a guy driving a motorcycle in the hallway, or of store mannequins being thrown out of second-storey windows. Sadly, the house party seems to be going extinct, at least for old guys like me who can’t bear the thought of other people touching their stuff. I should really cherish the time I had tonight, for it may be the closest I come to the good old days of the house parties. Better to let them live on in legend than to let the experience go stale.