LAN Wars Enterprise Edition

Let’s hear it for the peons, folks! HUZZAH! Round one, the server installation portion of LAN Wars Enterprise Edition has ended, and rising from the dust is the newbie Team K, although Team R came in a close second, after some questionable technical difficulties. Their second attempt was made more complex by adding an IBM T-20 running Windows 2000 Server, and they survived.
Round two should prove interesting when we pit teammate against teammate in a sudden death zergling-rush cage match. We’ll time Player 1 in a blindfolded uninstall/reinstall procedure, and Player 2 will have to complete the installation in less time, or be eliminated. This time, there’ll be no help from the other player, and no coaching from the audience, please.
Round three will be the ultimate elimination match and there’s no room for cowards here. In this final phase, the winner from each team will contend against the other in a NO HOLDS BARRED UNIX INSTALLATION! Only the strongest survive this epic battle, as most installations never even begin, let alone end in completion. There is no greater humbling activity. Let us bow our heads and send our prayers to the champions. They’re all champions, ladies and gentlemen.