Geek Van Winkle

Whoa, came home from work today, and lay down for just a moment — next thing you know it’s 12:30am, and I’m groggier than I was after my wisdom teeth were extracted. Is it possible that I drugged my own food in an attempt to kidnap myself? Well, IS IT?
So if that weren’t enough to keep me sleeping for the rest of the night, I logged into this new CBT site I’ve become a member with, The Internet College. Don’t misunderstand … it’s for work. Actually, it’s kinda cewl because you have so many courses to pick, ranging from Cisco certification courses, to how to build a better resumé. It’s lame because the Evaluation Quizzes use out-of-context questions which are next to impossible to answer. Case in point: A rudimentary overview of my UNIX skills reveals a score of 50% (guess I really don’t know Jack after all). Actually going through the course gives me a 93% score. What really bugs me is that it would have been an even 100% had it not been for some really cryptic questions which, despite having the answer on an adjacent page, and me actually looking at that page prior to answering the question, I still got it wrong.
Come to think of it, this kinda reminds me of my school days, but with less beer. Hmmmn. Maybe that’s what’s missing here…

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