Scavenging computer parts

Going to do some computer part hunting today. There’s supposed to be a great big closeout sale going on somewhere in the east end. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those misrepresented events with only a small selection, and a ton of people groping at old motherboards, ISA SCSI cards, and the like. But what the hey.
[later] Yep, it was one of those events. Supposed to be a big "Tent Sale", but there was only this little 30X30 tent, and about a hundred people crammed in there. For a second, I thought I could get in and out without too much trouble, what with all my retail training from Surplus Days. Then for a little while, I understood the plight of veal. Or maybe sardines. As expected, there was nothing in there that I couldn’t have found in a dark corner of the IT department at work, nor was there anything there for an amazing price, that I could not have found elsewhere. Reminds me of the old days where you would open up the PennySaver, and there would be an ad for a $500 Commodore 64, citing the words, "comes with loads of software," knowing full well that it was all pirated. Heh heh. I think I still have my old 64. It had some pretty cewl games.
What have we become? Where can we go from here? Why am I not smiling? Is that cat alive back there?

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