Polling for Dollars

I’m thinking of putting a web poll on my site, but now that I’m working on it, I can’t think of anything to ask. There’s nothing I want to know about any of you (heh). But is that what a web poll is all about? Aren’t these things for you, the surfer? Don’t you want to know what others think about when they’re online? Don’t you want to see the opinions of others when they fill out the poll on Zuckervati’s site?
Then perhaps the poll shouldn’t be for me. I am merely the ringmaster, and you are the teeming millions who have come to my circus for some entertainment, and you are the ones who want, nay, crave, the interactiveness of this place. You want the visceral experience, the smell of the popcorn and animals, the roar of the crowd, and the dim lighting, punctuated by the bursts of flame and smoke.
Well then, if that’s what you desire, then I am obliged to get this poll online. I am your servant. Thank you.

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