Zen Lunatics

I shouldn’t have started reading Kerouac again. Every time I pick up one of his books, I want to run off and live in the mountains. It’s true. I really begin to question my current life, and wonder what I could be doing instead. I envy what they were able to accomplish back in Kerouac’s day — a bunch of poets and Zen Lunatics running around, living only for the moment, not caring about money or possessions doing the things that mattered to them.
I hate the society I live in. I hate myself for being such an integral part of it. Me with my car, and my new clothes, and my $3 meal-replacement bars (notice I didn’t mention the Vita-Mix — leave the Vita-Mix out of it).
Really, though, we’ve entered a different era from back when Kerouac was hopping around on mountains. We’ve entered the age of the Zen Luna-Geeks: Austere living with high-tech gadgets. No matter how primitive we try to be, no matter how far back to nature we go, we’ll still be utilizing high tech items. Even the good folks at Earthship.org are using a plethora of computer devices, and are even running their webserver on a solar-power system.
So maybe I’m being too hard on myself — maybe I could afford to tone down the purchasing, but I’ll never be able to completely escape computers and the like, since — well, since it’s my job….

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