What is it with online journals?

So what is it with online journals anyway?

  1. Why do so many people out there have online journals or "blogs"? Do they think that everyone cares what they’re thinking or feeling? Do they think that they are somehow influencing or directing culture by their reviews, opinions or rants?

  2. Why do they say things that they would never tell their closest friends? What is that all about? Personal thoughts, stuff that would never be told in close quarters is now broadcast to millions of
    people like a radio interview.

OK sure. Handle, this is Pot here. Dude, you’re black.
All I know is it’s a strange phenomena, and it’s getting really popular. Not sure what else to say. Can’t tell you why other people do it, but I can observe others (and myself) and talk about what I do see…. It’s another way to communicate, like art or music, or poetry. We’ve got another medium in which to release our thoughts or feelings. Journals, like fiction, can be spontaneous, introspective, or even completely overdone — so far removed from truth as to make it fantastic.
No doubt that, in some cases, online journals are there to give the person more life than they have — an attempt to make them more popular; make them larger than life. That’s my goal, at least.
This came out of a discussion with a friend tonight — about how everyone and their cat has a "blog". Luckily my cats don’t speak any English, so they can’t put anything on paper. Lucky for me. These guys have seen some pretty weird stuff.

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