Missing Links bicycle chain

Having problems with the Missing Links page. Oh, nothing important, but the Movable Type engine seems to be screwing up the last modified date on the entries. So, you may notice that some of the categories look out-of-date, even if they’ve just been updated. Not sure why this is happening. I’ve checked the FAQs on their website, and I’ve tried rebuilding the files several times. My guess is that the indexes are messed up somehow.
Pretty hot day expected today, and sunny too — I’m glad we’re getting the heat. Hope I can go get some cycling in. I just got a storage compartment for the back rack (I’m hesitant to call it a “pannier”, since it’s not the saddle-bag style), so I can actually carry my repair kit around without fear of losing it on a busy highway.
It’s been over a week since I’ve been able to get out and exercise. Feeling pretty gross, since all I’ve been doing is sitting around, trying to get better. I’ve finally gotten over this cold (I think), and need to see if I’m OK enough to get out on my bike. I’m still coughing a little bit, but it’s pretty well gone.

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