Cold Time Rock and Roll

Getting really cold out these days. Going to have to get those snow tires on soon. My current tires are going to be replaced anyway, since there’s not much tread on them now. The car has a hard time gripping in the rain, let alone snow. We’ve already had some snow up here, and the weather is being very inconsistent – snow, rain, sun, snow again. I hope it finally stabilizes on something before December.
Finally got me a Gigaport AG for the laptop. It’s a multi-channel sound card which has eight 16-bit analog outputs, and one lightpipe (whatever that is). The trick is you need to use PCDJ Red, v5.2 before it will give you a multi-channel mode, and make the Gigaport worthwhile. They don’t tell you this on the forums, and you pretty much have to figure this out for yourself. I was going crazy trying to configure the laptop sound and the Gigaport drivers, before I realized you needed to upgrade the PCDJ version. Don’t get me wrong, the Gigaport is great, and PCDJ is the best DJ software out there. The good folks at Visiosonic have a great support site, and plenty of newsgroups for their customer base. However, the customer base is largely made up of Wedding DJs, and I haven’t heard much about the club scene by reading the newsgroups. Most of these guys fight over what makes a better “first song”, “Old Time Rock and Roll”, or Pink’s “Get this Party Started”.

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