Many little posts

Wow. It’s been a long time between postings, no? Sooooo many things going on right now, what with work, play, and my beloved TV. So I’m going to put in a few posts at once so we get up to date on what’s happening with Zuckervati.
Missing Links news page is still up and I’m getting new members signing up every so often. I want to thank all those who are posting weird-ass links. I’ll be adding a gaming category to the list, so Phil can post all his gaming news. If you don’t go there regularly, then you’re missing out on some pretty cewl stuff.
There are about a million things I’ve been wanting to do and I haven’t had the drive or time to accomplish most of them. I’ve wanted to get painting again (I seem to work intensely on painting for about two months at a time, then take a 2-3 month rest); and I’ve been wanting to do some more writing – if I can’t write the great Canadian novel (and it’s probably already been written) at least I can do some more movie reviews.
I got the sound system setup finally. I caved and bought the full version of PCDJ Red. It’s a great app, and I was going to get it sooner or later. Turns out 5.2 is the version you need in order to make the Gigaport AG to work, since only the latest PCDJ Red has “multichannel” mode. That’s all there is to the configuration. No drivers are necessary on Windows 2000. A lot of the problem I had when setting up the Gigaport was that the documentation was sparse, and those nerds on th PCDJ newsgroup never talked about how they were able to configure it. Although GigaPort supports ASIO 2.0, this is a dead-end since PCDJ doesn’t support it. Multichannel mode is the answer, plain and simple.
Hellmouth Halloween pics are online now — finally. I’ve been trying to get them done for a while now. Maybe I can focus on getting the Cuba pics online too. I’m still waiting for the SpamRock 02 pics. Those are going to be great.
I’m going to try to get pics of me back on the main page as well. Not that I’m vain or anything. Heh. Actually, this page is supposed to be a journal of Zuckervati – a documentary of me on the web. I want to make a visual presentation as well as a written one. I want to see what I look like as I age online. I’ll have to dig out the old webcam again, and get it all hooked up (I’m running out of USB ports on this thing).
Finally, I know that the Radio Zuckervati station’s been offline for a little while. I had to rebuild the server, and should be getting it back up in a little while – of course, no one’s complained yet, so it’s likely no one was listening anyway. If an MP3 falls in the forest, does the RIAA hear it?

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