Tabloid Psychics Fail Again In 2002

Three Things in Life are Certain: Death, Taxes, and Failed Psychic Predictions, by Gene Emery

Amherst, N.Y.-The Super Bowl will be cancelled after the first half of play. People will be able to go back in time, although there won’t be any way to bring them back home.

Psychic forecasts for 2003? Nope.

Those are events that were supposed to come true in 2002 according to the supermarket tabloids whose editors say they gathered the forecasts from some of the world’s best psychics.

Actually, psychics and astrologers seems to have fallen on tough times recently, said science writer Gene Emery, who has been following tabloid forecasts since 1979 in the still-fruitless quest to find just one psychic with predictive ability. Emery’s annual evaluations frequently appear in Skeptical Inquirer magazine.

“The September 11 terrorist attacks graphically illustrated the idea that people who claim to have psychic powers are frauds or are deluding themselves. Witness the fact that nobody predicted the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, otherwise thousands of deaths would have been averted,” said Emery. “Here was an event whose impact resonated around the globe, yet it never resonated with the folks who tell you with great certainty where you misplaced your TV remove control.”

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