A Brief History of Lightsabres

OK, I like to think of myself as a moderate StarWars geek. That said, this guy is nuts:

“Whilst there is certainly a coherence to the blade, and there is certainly a degree of light visible, its behaviour is NOT consistent with the coherent light beams of laser generators. Indeed the light seen is probably little more than a side effect. There are a number of possible explanations for explaining this glow. Perhaps it is the decay of the ‘particles’ of which the blade is made, as they ‘spin away’ from the cutting core. Perhaps the glow is from the annihilation of air molecules as they drift into the blade … there are no canonical examples of sabres activated in vacuum or underwater, but numerous apocryphal sources suggest that the glow is constant under these conditions. If this is so – then the ‘decay’ model is preferred.”


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