Big Plants and Blog Things

Personally, I think I’m in a journalistic lull, here. I was working a bit on my site (fixed up the search engine to search again), and I was going over some of my old postings (i.e. from when I wasn’t in a relationship. There were more of them, and they had a lot more content than these ones do. Course, many of them were typically useless blog entries (talking about what food I was eating and what books I was reading then — like you care what I was eating and reading). But I did enjoy seeing some of the old pictures (and even then, some of the pics were embarrassing in retrospect).
I am, of course trying to maintain this site and the MissingLinks page, so technically I’m posting more than I used to, but there seems to be distinctly less of me in these posts.
Incidentally, I’m rethinking the name of Zuckervati:MissingLinks. What was I thinking there? Sure, it’s a cute name, but no one will ever find MissingLinks with a search engine…. Most of the domain combinations of “missing” and “links” have been taken, too. And keeps suggesting some weird things, like “” and that kind of crap.
So I’m putting in two pics today, because I noticed how big this hanging plant in my front room was getting. Perhaps this will get me going on the whole blog train again.
Pretty big plant, no? It’s tasted human blood; now there’s no stopping it.
This is me as I existed on this Sunday Jan. 26, 2003.

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