ET Corn Gods Language and Game

The ET Corn Gods Language is used to uncover hidden meanings in words of the English Language. The language has a logic/mathematical twist to it. The number 66 is the base of the math used. There are [five primary tables ] used to convert normal words into families of hidden meanings. Those five tables are: 1) Alphabet converted to numbers; 2) Roman Numerals; 3) Numbers converted to the base 66; 4) the Table of Contents for the 66 books of the Bible; and 5) the Periodic Table of the Elements.

The funny part of this is: the guy who runs this site actually called into our Tech Support line, asking if we could help troubleshoot his “vb-6 app which ftp’s files to and from a server”. We don’t sell/support “vb-6”, so I wonder why he sent to us anyway.

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