True Porn Clerk Stories

This is a great journal, written by a clerk in a video store. It reminds me of the days I used to work at Surplus:

“If you don’t count rousting teenagers out of the porn section, I have only driven away two and a half customers.

The only one I’m proud of happened pretty recently. I was ringing up a sale and I heard a crash from downstairs. My manager was out, so I couldn’t leave the register to go down and see what happened. I glanced at the security monitor and saw a guy downstairs calmly flipping through the DVD section. He had knocked down three entire shelves. Instead of picking them up or coming to get me or even shoving them over into a pile and then continuing his porn shopping, he was just standing in them and on them, flipping away.

Actually, I didn’t really expect him to pick them up. I wouldn’t have minded picking them up if he’d just come upstairs and said something like “Jesus, I’m an idiot and I knocked down a substantial chunk of your DVD section.” Or put them into halfhearted little piles. Or really anything other than just standing on them while continuing to shop for porn.

I don’t think he was as angry at the notion that he might have to clean up his own mess so much as he was furious that he’d been caught making it. Sometimes new customers don’t see the security cameras right away, and they sure as hell don’t expect the Voice of God mike. When you’re scrutinizing the charming cover art of White Trash Whore the last thing you want is to be chastized by a booming voice from above.

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