Hagelin proposes new U.S. government

The man who lost to Pat Buchanan in a struggle for Reform Party presidential campaign funds in 2000 has announced plans to start a second U.S. government: the U.S. Peace Government.

John Hagelin, a physicist based at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, said he is not talking about secession.

“This will be a complementary government headed by people with expertise in science. Its focus will be to create a prevention-oriented, problem-free administration in the nation,” said Mr. Hagelin, who was the Natural Law Party’s presidential nominee in the last election.

Hagelin aide Julia Busch said the proposed U.S. Peace Government would function solely in an advisory capacity and wouldn’t usurp the responsibilities of the federal government.

Mr. Hagelin said it would concentrate on issues such as violence, international conflicts, drug abuse, education, health care and food safety.