Getting ready for Shell Beach

Bought “Dark City” on DVD the other day. This was a pretty cewl film, sort of “The Matrix” meets “HellRaiser” done in a Film Noir style. As I recall, it came out during a phase of virtual reality movies in 1998-99, that included such films as “The Matrix” and “13th Floor”. Everybody was examining that whole “what is reality?” gig. At some point, this subject became stale and Hollywood returned to the exploding asteroid genre.
I’m still trying to figure out what is dream and reality. My sleep has been so innundated with dreams that I really have a hard time trying to identify them *as* dreams. Running myself ragged doesn’t help any — I’m working pretty hard, staying up late watching movies, and running around like my life is ending. I’m so run down that sometimes I’ll be at my desk, staring off into the distance, not realizing what I’m doing. Only when someone comes up and smacks me upside the head, do I realize I’m daydreaming. That’s the only evidence I have — and the best I have so far is that “reality hurts more”.
Hopefully, in the next week, I’ll be on my way to Shell Beach for a relaxing Carribean vacation. Then maybe my dreams and reality will overlap for a while.

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