The New McCarthyism

They asked if they could come into the apartment. “Do you have a warrant?” Brown asked. “And they said no, they didn’t have a warrant, but they wanted to just come in and look around. And I said, ‘Sorry, you’re not coming in.’ ”

One of the agents told Brown, “We already know what it is. It’s a poster of Bush hanging himself,” she recalls. “And I said no, and she was like, ‘Well, then, it’s a poster with a target on Bush’s head,’ and I was like, nope.”

The poster they seemed interested in was one that depicted Bush holding a rope, with the words: “We Hang on Your Every Word. George Bush, Wanted: 152 Dead.” The poster has sketches of people being hanged, and it refers to the number who were put to death in Texas while Bush was governor, she explains.

Ultimately, Brown agreed to open her door so that the agents could see the poster on the wall of her apartment, though she did not let them enter. “They just kept looking at the wall,” which contained political posters from the Bush counter-inaugural, a “Free Mumia” poster, a picture of Jesse Jackson, and a Pink Floyd poster with the quotation: “Mother, should I trust the government?”

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