Zuckervati Links to the Weirdest Things

Figured I’d post this here, and not in the Missing Links section. Not just because I don’t have any recent content here, but because it’s just plain weird, and kind of personal, unlike the Missing Links page, which was supposed to be for people to login and share weird/cool articles. Long story short, I was doing a search for “zuckervati” in Google (right, I’m pretty vain), and I was amazed at the things that came up on the list.

The most pedestrian of the interesting links was essentially a note that my website was one of the biggest website matches for Murray Favro in one art database, since I mentioned him once a long time ago. Sorry Murray. I think you’re a terrific artist. You deserve more notariety.


The other one was pretty weird, as it links back to me, because of the ASCII art porn I put up for a joke. Guess you never know your audience… apparently, some Argentinian guy thinks I’m cool. And isn’t that what counts these days? Yes. Yes it is.


The last one makes me shudder, since I’m now the expert on using semen as an antidepressent for women. I linked to this article as a joke in the Missing Links page, and now I’m being referenced as a source for this information. Sheesh. AND it looks like I’m asking for people to comment on this topic!

Trust me. I don’t want to know what you think about it. Or maybe I do… Maybe I just found my next online poll. Hrmmm….


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