Wireless at last

Tested my Orinico Gold card for the second time today. It was the first time on a wireless network, one which I created at work for the purposes of testing our app with wireless handheld devices. I found the experience to be not too bad — the feeling of being connected to the internet without any cables was a good thing….

So now I’m at the William’s Coffee Pub in the University Plaza, trying out their wireless hotspot. It *appears* to be free still, even though the word was that they were going to begin charging at the beginning of January. It looks as if I have “2159 hour 55 min 52 second” left on my “prepaid session” so I’m cool with it. They require you to sign up first, but I used a throw-away email address, and they didn’t ask for any billing information. Pretty schway, I suppose. I’m a little surprised there aren’t more hotspots around town, this being Waterloo and the “Golden Triangle” and all…

By the way, this coffee is terrible. Go for the hot mulled cider instead.

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