Almost ready for update.

The new template is almost finished for the main page — just have to tweak some link colours, and I’ll be done. I’m still fighting with getting all style settings onto the css page, and not having it divided up on the main page and the stylesheet. Oh well. I’m not very good at this stuff…. At least the page looks more cheery than it did previously. I was going for a more professional look, but still fun and kinda whimsical.

Thinking of heading out to Starlight tonight, or maybe Jane Bond. I’ve been pretty good all week, and could use a couple of stiff drinks (maybe a good Cuban cigar or something)… The guy from the Orange Monkey will probably be spinning tonight (he does a great job with some serious disco tunes). The music really fits with the style of the club, what with all the vintage furniture and the way the place is laid out.

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