Millenium coming on DVD

Peter Staddon, SVP of marketing at 20th Century Fox, was kind enough to spend time last night at a live online chat, sponsored and hosted by the super staff over at The Home Theater Forum. He was asked a LOT of TV-on-DVD related questions, and tonight I hope to bring you the complete wrap-up.

Mr. Staddon was asked a couple of times about Millennium, and DVD releases for it. Staddon’s replies were very positive, and made it clear in no uncertain terms that he is a fan of this show. Millennium has come up at these chats in the past, and each time Staddon indicated his desire to get it released. During this chat, though, it was explained that Fox was wanting to get finished with The X-Files DVD releases first, and also allow time for TV DVD to really take off so that a Millennium release will be better supported by consumers. He also mentioned that he had to “push this through some sceptical (sic) people in the office”, and so he really hopes it sells.

So yes, indeedy…Millennium “will be out on DVD this year”, in Staddon’s own words. GREAT news, indeed. We’ll let you know all about it, just as soon as an official announcement is made (probably a few months after X-Files – Season 9 is addressed, which should be soon, as that release is Spring 2004). Stay tuned!


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