Schroedinger’s Move

I’m a little whiney today. Not getting much sleep, and I have this lousy cold (seems like everyone’s got it these days). Also, my place is a mess. I’ve got stacks of empty boxes for moving, and I’m in the process of throwing out stuff I no longer need — stuff I won’t take with me in the big move.

I’m kind of in that weird state where I’m not quite ready to pack for the move, but not quite willing to keep the place clean, since it’s going to get dirty anyway. I suppose you could classify me as “un-moved”, a quantum state where, as time passes, I get closer and closer to being “moved”, but I’m not yet “moved”. However, I’m no longer “settled”, and the probability of me being “settled” starts to decline as I near the “moved” state.

I stole this from It’s doubly appropriate, since I had nothing to read on the plane trip to Vegas but this Sky Mall catalogue.


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