Back Online

Finally got the system back online, albeit temporarily. the main problem was finding all the stuff to put the system back together. I like to pride myself on being able to label moving boxes correctly, but I’m kidding myself. I have no idea where I put anything, which is why there are exactly 14 boxes scattered around my computer room in a half-emptied state.

The move was apparently successful, although it took quite some time to get out from under the pile of furniture, boxes, assorted macabre knick knacks, and artwork. Who knew I had so much art? I should probably hold an “Art Garage Sale”, and get these things out of my garage.

The new house looks fantastic, and we’ve finished painting all the rooms that absolutely needed painting. The last room that got painted was the master bedroom, and it finally looks good. We assembled the bed last night and may move into it as soon as the fumes die down a little.

The next big step will be to get the place in shape for the house warming party.

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