Cleric’s threat to female troops

Iraqi worshippers have been told that anyone who captures a female British soldier can keep her as a slave.
A senior aide of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr also called on supporters to launch holy war against British troops in Basra.
Sheik Abdul-Sattar al-Bahadli held in his hand what he said were documents and photographs of three Iraqi women being raped at British-run prisons in Iraq.
Al-Bahadli said 250,000 dinars ($195) will be given to anyone who captures a British soldier and 100,000 dinars ($83) for the killing of one.
He also offered cash for anyone who captures or kills a member of the Governing Council, a widely unpopular interim administration appointed by the US led occupation 10 months ago.
He also called on government departments in Basra to display pictures of al-Sadr in their offices.
Al-Bahadli, al-Sadr’s chief representative in southern Iraq, was speaking at al-Hawi mosque in central Basra.

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