Damn Pagers!! (shakes fist in air)

Got woken up at 3 in the am, with a page from a customer. This is the same guy who once modified 8 live servers, shut the whole system down, paged me, then went for lunch. So looks like he left debug mode on, and filled up his /var partition with log files. No wonder it broke.
Now I’m in the office, checking all 8 servers for damage. I’m tossing around 2Gb log files, trying to optimize his system, so he can break it again…
My pager’s been going off all morning. Most recently, some guy wasn’t satisfied with the marketing information he got, so he paged tech support. Yah, that’ll get you quick and friendly assistance, pal… I think he got my number mixed up with the 24×7 Emergency Marketing Pager.

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