Rumsfeld visits Abu Ghraib

ABU GHRAIB, Iraq (Reuters) – U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has visited Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison, flying into the eye of the storm over Americans torturing prisoners that has shredded Washington’s credibility in Iraq.

Hours after U.S. lawmakers viewed “sadistic” new photographs of abuse, Rumsfeld arrived at what was Saddam Hussein’s most notorious prison on Thursday, where seven U.S. military police reservists are charged with sexually and physically tormenting detainees.

Four hours into the announced trip to Baghdad, he had already met Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, the commander in Iraq, and Major General Geoffrey Miller, the new prisons head there.

His trip looked like a robust answer to critics who say Rumsfeld, one of the architects of the Iraq war, should resign, six months before President George W. Bush seeks re-election.