Get-out policy in Iraq

Yesterday Paul Bremer, the chief administrator of Iraq for the past 14 months, signed over political control of the country to the interim Iraqi prime minister Ayad Allawi, and then quietly slipped away on a plane. Only six people participated in the secret handover, which occurred two days before the much-trumpeted date of 30 June.
The coalition billed the handover as Iraqis ‘taking control’. ‘You are ready now for sovereignty and we think it’s an important part of our obligation as temporary custodians to hand it over’, said Bremer in the ceremony (1). Tony Blair’s spokesman said: ‘what’s important now is that the Iraqi people, for the first time, can see Iraqi leaders representing them taking charge in Baghdad.’ (2)
Critics have seen the new leaders as a mere ‘puppet government’, giving a veneer of respectability to America’s ‘ongoing imperialist project’ in Iraq (3). Anti-globalisation activist Naomi Klein described it as an ‘underhand’ rather than a ‘handover’, providing cover for the US ‘corporate feeding frenzy’ (4).

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