Good kite-flying weather

Hot and sunny today, but really windy, and it looks like another storm is on its way in. Good kite-flying weather, at least for now. Maybe check out the driving range after work. The problem with being at work on a day like this is that you don’t really notice the weather. Ever since I got an office job, the hot summers are barely noticeable, and the cold winters aren’t nearly as cold as I remember as a kid. Also, having a car with heat and AC really helps too.

Later this week, I’m going to start riding my bike to work. I really need to get out and cycle a little more — get back into cycling shape. I went out for a few times last week, but need more of it. Now that I’ve no TV, I’m actually starting to work on other projects, and cycling’s just one of them (reminder: put some street tires on bicycle). I’ve finally posted the “Heroes of Krug St.” pictures, and am halfway through putting up the pics from the “Peltz St. Pajama Party”. I’m still sifting through the pictures from the Spamrock 02, so they should be up soon as well (I know, I know … finally!).