Working on the Boat

After replacing both bilge pumps on the boat, I decided to check it out after the few days of rain....

L’Arc de Backhoe

Well, at least they gave me some room to get my car out of the driveway.

A Light Workout

Doing a little deadlifting as part of my weekly workout. All my plates are on there right now. Got to...


Figured I’d get a picture in of the beard before I shave it off. Part of me wants to leave...

Happy Birthday Mom

We miss you.

Movember – Day 1

Just in case anyone asks, I shaved this morning. Got a little 5 o’clock shadow going already. Just FYI: During...

Possibly time to cut the grass

I’m just thinking out loud here. Cat’s eating all she can and it *still* isn’t enough.

Some Nice Riding Weather

Well, no, not today. But earlier on, it was really great weather for the bike. Everything seems to be running...

The Cat’s in Charge

What is it about cats wanting to be in the highest spot in the room?

Cold Cat

Mini was outside today, and got to see how cold snow is.