Beyond Cigars and Vintage Cars

A great photo set of modern Cuba by Washington, DC–based photographer Greg Kahn. I was in Havana recently, and there...

#amreading Patrick Wensink

Broken Piano for President is … well, just read it. I can never remember what happened when I come off...

#amreading Victor LaValle

“The Ballad of Black Tom” is a #Cthulhu mythos story based on “The Horror at Red Hook.” Set in 1920s...

#amreading Matt Ruff

When Lovecraft’s monsters weren’t as bad as 1950s racism, that says a lot.

#Coffee and #Zombies

Doing some light apocalyptic reading. #amreading

Coffee and Editing

Getting some coffee and doing a little editing before working on my regular writing.

This is not anime

Dear Netflix, What the hell’s wrong with you? Also, stop recommending Adam Sandler movies to me.

Enjoyed a Pizza and a Beer last night

At Mcmullins on King. I know, I should stop blogging food pics. Fair enough.

Working on the Boat

After replacing both bilge pumps on the boat, I decided to check it out after the few days of rain....

Looking cool at Balzac’s

Having a coffee at the Tannery, freeloading on Google’s Wifi.