Enjoyed a Pizza and a Beer last night

At Mcmullins on King. I know, I should stop blogging food pics. Fair enough.

Working on the Boat

After replacing both bilge pumps on the boat, I decided to check it out after the few days of rain....

L’Arc de Backhoe

Well, at least they gave me some room to get my car out of the driveway.

Construction Worker Sorting Hat

Sad traffic cone is sad.

Drinks at the Tannery

It’s $5 Guinness tonight at the Firkin at the Tannery. Getting my drink on.

Terrific Sunset

Lots of colour in last night’s sunset, just before the snow started falling.

Happy Halloween

If you get a chance, head to Elora for some creepy sculptures. There’s about a hundred of them scattered around...

Block Three Beer tonight

Trying out some of their new batch, Sugar Bush Brown Ale. This beer’s got a lot of bitter, and comes...

Dodged a Bullet

Figuratively, of course. The neighbour wasn’t so lucky, and Friday’s thunderstorm dropped a tree on their house. I woke to...


Has anyone seen it? I’ve got birds chirping in the back yard but that’s about it.