Iraq Wants Foreign Troops

Iraq will need foreign troops to fight insurgents even after a U.S.-led occupation formally ends in the three weeks required by a U.N. resolution adopted unanimously overnight, Iraq’s interim prime minister says.

“The sovereignty is going to be total, is going to be complete,” Iyad Allawi told Fox News in an interview to be aired on Wednesday. “We ask in fact and we want the…multinational forces to help us to face the security threats until such a time that we are able to build our own security and move ahead.”

The United States and Britain, whose invasion toppled Saddam Hussein 14 months ago, hailed the passage of the resolution that endorses a “sovereign interim government” in Iraq and mandates a U.S.-led multinational force to keep the peace.

Compromises offered by Washington and London, at French and German insistence, over how much control Iraqis will have over U.S.-led forces helped overcome council divisions, but few expect the resolution to calm daily violence in Iraq soon.