George W. Bush Is Finally Losing Support

According to a recent survey, 51% of American population believes it was not right to start the Iraq war. At last, I would like to say, the Americans wake up and realise their government has been misleading them for almost three years about the situation in Iraq. Before, during and after the war. George Bush�s popularity is now at some 44%, less than John Kerry�s 49%. George W. is going to face difficult months. Will he win the elections in the end? If it would be up to me, I hope not.
The main thing I strongly oppose to is his isolationist policy. When will he learn that his ideas of how the world should look like are not shared by hundreds of millions of people all over the world? And that he therefore should be more open to other opinions than his own? Never, I�m afraid. This has not only got to do with the war against terrorism, although it remains the most explicit example. Last week, we saw another proof of Bush�s rubbing the world up the wrong way.

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