Jahla Savimbi wants to give me USD$75 million united state dollars

WhooHoo! I’m gonna be rich! This just came in my email today! No one better email this guy and get in before I get my USD$75 million united state dollars. That’s right. His email address is jsavimbi8888@yahoo.com, so don’t email him! I’m sure he gets a lot of spam with people just trying to get at all his dad’s money. Then again, who wouldn’t want to email jsavimbi8888@yahoo.com for the chance of getting a piece of that big green pie?
“Dear Zuckervat .
I am Mr. Jahla Savimbi, Son of late President Jonas Malheiro Savimbi from the Republic of Angola. You can have a look at this below web site to view the dead body of my father Savimbi on the ground.
I got your contact through the internet business journal) and after due consideration and after going through your profile, I became aware assured of your credibility of handling this profitable transaction. Thus, my humble decision to solicit for your understanding and cooperation in this business that will benefit you and I.
At the mid term of the rebellion which is still on till date, my father thinking fast, decided to send my brother and I out of the country (Angola) with a total sum of (USD$75 million united state dollars only, sealed in a diplomatic bag meant for purchasing of arms and ammunitions for the rebels and the bills were carefully defaced for security reasons.
On our arrival in Lome-Togo as we are on political asylum , we were not allowed to operate a bank account, so with the instruction of my father we deposited the boxes with NORTH ATLANTIC SECURITIES SARLS ( NASS), though I did not declare the content to them and unfortunately because of my fathers political influence he was assassinated. Now my brother and I need your assistance by coming to Togo to open a non-residence bank Account with any of the local banks though, we are still in Togo to negotiate the transfer of our money properly to the non-residence Account which will enable the onward telegraphic transfer of the funds to your nominated Bank Account, the whole arrangement will be strictly under my supervision and the transaction will be absolute risk-free.
Also the whole transaction will take three working days from the day of your arrival. We intend to share the money upon successful completion of the transaction as follows 25% will be entitled to you for your assistance while 75% will be for us, please should this meet your utmost consideration ? , you please give us your earliest reply through our above email address. As I will provide you with my confidential Telephone number as soon as I receive your response. Feel free to ask me any question you consider necessary.
The confidentiality in this transaction can not be over emphasized as we trust and believe that you will oblige us the security and attention it demands.Please treat this transaction with absolute confidentiality and urgency.I wait to see your urgent response to( jsavimbi8888@yahoo.com).
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Jahla Savimbi”

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