Smoking = Small Swedish Penises

The Swedish organization A Non Smoking Generation covered Stockholm in posters claiming that smoking stunts penis growth and that cigarette filters are filled with mouse excrements, along with other lies aimed at getting kids to stop smoking.
“We wanted to raise awareness about how the tobacco industry always promotes its products — through lies,” head of the organization Anne-Therese Enarsson told AFP. “Our lies are so exaggerated that we hope they will make people stop and think, and then come to our website to find the truth,” she added. Other lies plastered across the Swedish capital included that second-hand smoke is killing birds and that girls usually start smoking because they’re stupid. “This is an important campaign because it’s summer vacation now and most kids start smoking in the summer. Seventy kids start smoking every day in Sweden. We hope this will make them think twice,” Enarsson said, adding that the posters will stay up for the next two weeks. A Non Smoking Generation is not worried that tobacco companies will sue over the lies, she insisted.

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