Who Would Jesus Torture? The Religion of George W. Bush

Bush better hope that there is no heaven, no hell and no judgment day.
Ron Reagan Jr. recently commented that while his father believed in God, he didn’t wear his religion on his sleeve. While he did not mention Bush by name, most observers assumed that he was talking about the man selected by the Supreme Court to be our president. Bush often uses code words familiar to his critical evangelical base that fly under the radar of mainstream, moderate Christians. Still, it does not seem to be too cynical to believe that Bush’s supposed religion is simply a ploy to gain votes from the rubes among fundamentalist Christians. Or if he is a religious man, few genuine Christians would believe that his God was the one they pray to.
What would St. Peter have to say to George Bush once he stands before the Pearly Gates of heaven on judgment day? Has he been a good Christian? Has he led a pious life according to the teachings of Jesus?

According to childhood friends, Bush used to blow up frogs with firecrackers and shoot them with BB guns. As several therapists have pointed out, this cruelty to animals is a trait he shares with many serial killers.

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