The Republican Convention: Another Catastrophic Success?

I’m going out on a limb here, but the red meat, red state dominated RNC may turn out to be what George W. Bush likes to call “a catastrophic success.” His soldiers stormed the podium, reigned shock and awe down on their enemies, and overpowered the viewers without thinking much about the aftermath or an exit strategy.
First came the explosive opening salvos aimed at taking John Kerry out on the first night. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani both gave powerful speeches. And the 9/11 families were beautifully dignified. But the overall effect was that the Republicans were using the 9/11 tragedy for partisan gain. Giuliani added to that feeling when he bragged about saying, in those first moments of the brutal attack, “Thank God George Bush is our president.” Because, as every swing voter knows, had Bill Clinton or Al Gore or John Kerry been president at that moment, they would have just sat there, staring off into space, frozen, too stunned to even– Oh wait, that’s what the “thank God” president did.
The Washington Dispatch

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