Debate on the Internet: Was W wired?

An image that flew around the Internet last week showing a boxy bulge in the back of President George W. Bush’s suit jacket during the Sept. 30 presidential debate in Miami has led to widespread cyber-speculation that he was wired to receive help with his answers.
Bush’s aides tried to laugh off the controversy, with one official joking about “little green men on the grassy knoll.”
Several officials, pressed for a serious answer, flatly denied that anything was fishy about the hump.
They said they’d checked and that there was nothing under Bush’s jacket �€” not a wire, not a transmitter, not a garage door opener.
Bush was not wearing a protective vest, sources said.
The White House refused to provide an on-the-record comment, saying such remarks would dignify a baseless issue, and referred questions to the Bush-Cheney campaign. – Debate on the Internet: Was W wired?

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