Kukla, Fran, and Oligarchy

What is upsetting, however, is how wishy-washy Team America’s satire becomes when it deals with American foreign policy. Sure, the film says, America blunders around like a bull in the world’s china shop, but at least we’re better than those awful terrorists. Perhaps, but “better” doesn’t absolve that policy from questioning and scrutiny. Just ask the prisoners at Abu Ghraib. The movie mocks jingoism (the team’s theme song is “America, F**k Yeah!”) and celebrates it at the same time — Parker and Stone want to portray America as both flawed and blameless, and that just doesn’t work, especially given the naked anger they keep showing toward “pussy” Hollywood liberals. (Right-leaning stars like Bruce Willis and Britney Spears aren’t mentioned here. Neither, for that matter, is George W. Bush.)
Kukla, Fran, and Oligarchy … an Advocate.com exclusive

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