Eerie Christmas: Scary animation derails film adaptation

The thing that often derails the picture, though, is its unintentional eeriness.
Blame the computer animation. It makes the characters look like they’ve had too many injections of Botox. Their faces remind you of mannequins’ faces at their creepiest.
That’s “Twilight Zone” creepy, and that is something you do not want running through a fuzzy children’s movie unless you are targeting children drawn to the lurid side of life.
(Those same kids will enjoy shuddering during the film’s brief puppet-attack sequence. Your kids may not.)
The characters’ garish faces prove consistently distracting and often break the movie’s spell. A couple are more user-friendly than others. At the end, even the most frozen-in-place faces — Santa’s being the exception — display more emotion and less plasticity.
But ghoulish is ghoulish.
Alameda Times-Star Online – Bay Area Living

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