Misunderestimating me

Got yelled at by a customer (yeah, same bunch of guys). This one is precious. I get paged in the middle of the night — one of the servers went offline, and mysteriously came back online about 15min later. Apparently, there was a slow VM leak in the version of FreeBSD we’re using on this box. So it reboots, does a 15min fsck, then comes “mysteriously” back online. So I call into their tech support line, and tell them about it. The guy appears non-phased by this, so I tell him to mail my contact, and I’ll call him at 10, when I come in.
After fighting to get back to sleep for the rest of the night, I drag my tired ass into work at 10. I ping the server to make sure it’s up, and I also ping the other production server for good measure. The other server is *offline* (I don’t know about the VM issue yet). So I call my contact and tell him the server is down. He says “Yeah, it’s OK, I rebooted it.” I ponder this, then tell him again that his server is offline. He says “It’s OK, we’re doing some testing.” I tell him to let me know when he’s finished testing, and I hang up, making a note to call him at 4pm in case the thing’s not back online. At 4:01pm, I get a conference call from my contact, his boss, and *his* boss. They begin yelling at me for a while, and I weakly defend myself by saying “But I called you at 10am this morning, not 5 min after it went offline.”
Apparently, the name of his test server sounds a lot like the name of the production server that I monitor, and he misunderstood my early morning call. After I made this clear to him, he and his team continued yelling at me for a while.
So now I have to upgrade FreeBSD on six machines, including one in a 3am maintenance window (3 hour upgrade, yay). AND I get yelled at. Seriously. Actual yelling took place.

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